Promoting “Curse of The Salute”

All those years as a graphic designer/typographer/photographer may pay off in the long run (I hope). Have been working my lil fingers to the bone on Media/Press Kit for “Curse of The Salute”. Sleepless nights swilling coffee and Pepsi, knocking out cards, posters, book markers (need to find some of those cute little dangly stringy things to put on markers), brochures, author bio, etc. etc.; Persistence and the joy of saving TONS of money on marketing is what drives me. Working on setting up book signings (and hopefully more sales). Shameless self promotion of all FB, LinkedIn, Word Press, Goodreads, Twitter . . . . Will sleep/eat just as soon as “Curse of The Salute” hits the best seller list and the movie comes out . . . LOL.
To all of my author friends, never say never, and keep on because just like J.K. Rowling, someday you might find yourself swimming in the moolah. ♥ to all my friends and supporters.Curse COVER A

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