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Cover ManThere is growing concern regarding overpopulation of planet Earth. There are covert operations in place to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, the general populace has no idea that these events have already been instituted. Only those that are the victims and when they realize what is happening it is too late for them. Who would perpetrate such a sinister plan? What means would they utilize to carry out such an atrocity you ask? 

Drought in the Western states of the U.S. has created a devastating food shortage. Overpopulation in under developed countries has run rampant. China has instituted a ‘one child’ only law throughout their country. Violators are brought to justice by having any children conceived after their allotment aborted, regardless of the stage of pregnancy. Homelessness is at an all time high across the United States. The ‘one child’ law has recently been passed in the States. People in many countries are facing death by starvation, disease, disaster, and genocide.

A select and unique group called the World Health Organization in a collaboration with the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, have devised a plan to alleviate the problems that grow exponentially with each passing year as resources continue to decline throughout the world.

Victor Battaglio is a young attorney who will do everything within his power to uncover the truth behind the so-called conspiracy. He has personal reasons for bringing this injustice to a halt and will stop at nothing until the people behind the depopulation are routed out and stand before all humanity to answer for their crime against the world.

Science Fiction? Could be, but dear reader, I will let you come to your own conclusions when “Useless Eaters” hits the stands this summer. Meanwhile, think long and hard on what YOU would do if you or one of your loved ones was targeted in the latest grand scheme to save planet Earth . . . what WOULD you do?????