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February Giveaway Donation Request!

Please check this out, and participate if you can. Reply on Charles’ site. Thanks

Legends of Windemere


A change of plans with the giveaway, which effects my fellow authors if they wish:

Danielle Taylor showed me that getting other authors to donate free books as prizes along with their Twitter and Facebook info will help spread the word.  It will also help other authors get something out of this event.

If you’re interested, please send me the following either in the comments or by email some time today:

  1. Title of the book that you wish to donate as a prize.  Please include format.
  2. Facebook Author Page.
  3. Twitter Site.

The contest will go until February 28th and you’ll be contacted about who the winner of your book is along with an email address.  Thank you to anyone who wishes to be a part of this event and I apologize for the short notice since the contest starts tomorrow.

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Where is all the ALIEN footage?

Pete Denton

This is a serious question.

I’m serious. Stop laughing at the back.

I saw some footage recently of some event going on in Trafalgar Square and NO-ONE was just watching. Everyone held their phone in the air recording the event. There could have been a few reasons for this:

  1. They wanted to review it later at home with their family and friends;
  2. It was going to be uploaded to YouTube in the hope of being the next video to go viral;
  3. Their arm hurt and their phone JUST HAPPENED to be in the arm requiring a stretch.

We go EVERYWHERE with our phones these days. What would be the point of having a phone and not taking it with you. Stupid statement, but when you are out in the world and something happens the instinct now is to whip out (steady) the old mobile and record it.

Last year we…

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…a wee thought from a daft Scot, while yeez howl at the Moon… is yer glass half-empty or half-full?.. #TBSU…

Sage words from a sage Scot!

Seumas Gallacher

…there’s that few years from when ye’re first born until about four years old when yeez can bawl yer eyes out, cry for stuff, and generally make a nuisance of yourselves and folks will take heed of yeez… then ye’re supposed to be getting all ‘growed-up’ and sobbing and wailing is only for babies, not for yerselves… yeez learn to keep the emotions bottled up… now and again a quiet weep may be permissible, but not in public, mind… hence is created a WURLD that sometimes lacks the ability to express itself… to ‘let it all hang out’… then some of yeez get into the idiom of letting some trick-cyclist talk yeez down from the edge of yer own personal cliffs… and yeez spend tons of money doing that… others of yeez ‘suffer in silence’ …the brave stoicism, usually, (but not always), the territory of parentage… Life seldom dishes…

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