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Read It Or eat It!

patrick o'scheen

Always hungry, the Dragon searches his lair for a treat. He roars and the book shelves rattle and shake depositing one title near the cook pot. Obtrusion, a science fiction book by Anastacia Moore lies close by the fire… SHOULD HE READ IT…OR EAT IT?

Let’s digest a little of the contents…
The book finds people caught up in a government plot to hide alien contact and the conspiracy goes way beyond expected interactions. they are among us…and they have been here quite a while.

Pros and cons of cooking:


  1. The story is clear and well written.
  2. the plot is well thought out.
  3. the characters are engaging and well drawn.
  4. this is a good read for all sci-fi fans.


  1. There are no dragons in the story.
  2. alien food might taste bad.

The Dragon says save this book for reading. Although a tasty treat, it will be much better consumed…

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