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The Horses of Tir Na Nog

The Horses of Tir Na Nog OPEN HOUSE IF you are in or near San Diego please come show your support the 23rd!

I spend a wonderful (albeit HOT HOT HOT) day shooting horses (photographing that is) just on the West side of  Pine Valley, in Guatay, California at Tir Na Nog . . . a horse sanctuary for neglected and abused horses.


Saturday the 22nd and Sunday (tomorrow) the 23rd the volunteer staff are hosting an OPEN HOUSE and ALL are invited to come out and ‘HUG A HORSE’, have light refreshments, and participate in a raffle. There are many first responders from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, San Diego Fire and Rescue, The Border Patrol, and Volunteers.


The many volunteers present were so knowledgeable about every single one of their charges, especially a sweet little blonde gal (whose name I forget in my road to senility) but suffice it to say, for her age, she was one of the BEST ambassadors for the sanctuary, and extremely knowledgeable and polite to boot!

How can anyone look at these beautiful creatures and not fall head over heels and want to help preserve their lives in an environment where they will be forever cared for and loved??

If you live in or are near the San Diego area tomorrow, forget about hanging out at the pool, forget about hanging out being a couch potato, and come see what these hard working volunteers are doing to care for these wonderful animals. You can buy a t-shirt to commemorate your visit, make a small (or large) donation, or you can just come out, enjoy some great people and critters and HUG A HORSE!!!


#BLOGGER INTERVIEW – Christopher Graham, The Story Reading Ape

A great interview of Chris The Story Reading Ape. Thank You Tina!!!


The Story Reading ApeChris Grahamis much admired, respected, and appreciated in the blogging world. His indefatigable support of authors and bloggers is rivaled by few others.The Story Reading Ape‘s 4th blog anniversary is April 4th, and I can think of no better way to show my appreciation than by featuring him on my blog. Here’s to you, Mr. Ape! May you live long and prosper. I’m also putting energy out there for you to win the lottery 😊

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When did you start blogging and what prompted you to do so?  

I started blogging on April 4th 2013 after reading authors’ pleas (on Goodreads) for promotional opportunities on blogs. 

What moved you to choose an ape as your gravatar and online presence? 

My Most favourite author was (and still is) Terry Pratchett, who once stated, “The anthropologists got it wrong…

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