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A Dastardly Kind of Book Piracy

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I’ve already written about piracy. Twice, in fact: in Har! How to Deal with Book Piracy and in Should I fear Piracy? Insights from the PWC report. In both cases, I advised people to keep calm about it.

There is a kind of piracy that ticks me off, though. That of people copying your book and passing it off as their own. The Digital Reader recently posted about an author, Scot Schad, who discovered that pirates had been ripping off freely available and open source digital textbooks, and then using Amazon’s POD service to sell print versions on Amazon.

Here’s how it works

The scammers identify a popular textbook, copy the name, and then start selling the paper copy of a pirated book under that name. They’re hoping to sell the pirated book to an unwary buyer who might mistake the knockoff for the legit textbook.


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Skinner’s Eyebrows

X FilesI was so excited to watch the ‘reboot’ of The X-Files with their six episode ‘premiere’. Having been a die-hard X Files devotee throughout its nine seasons, even to the point of planning my evening’s activities around the viewing of each episode, I was just a little let down by the seemingly disjointedmess (is that really a word?) of the first offering. And MY GAWD . . . what’s up with Skinner’s EYEBROWS?
SkinnerIt seemed as though after fourteen years, suddenly Mulder had become a slouchy overweight ‘I don’t care anymore’ shell of his former self. When he and Scully get back together to follow up on a lead ( and I will NOT give any spoilers ) . . . their interactions are a little more than strained. And . . . WHAT’S UP WITH SKINNER’S EYEBROWS?

One thing that was quite distracting, at least to me was not only how frumpy Mulder looked, but Skinner’s eyebrows . . . it looks as if they grew incredibly darker and furrier than when I last viewed the series. And that has been just in the last evening prior to the revamping of the X Files.

I recently (about three weeks ago) introduced my boyfriend to the X Files. Shocked to discover that he had never even viewed one episode of the series in the past. I discovered that Netflix had all 9 seasons on. WHOOPEEEE!!! I could relive my fascination with the ‘alien conspiracies’, Mulder, Scully, The Lone Gunmen, Skinner, et al. I was elated to say the least.

After exhausting most of the ‘A’ list movies and series on Netflix I had little trouble convincing my life partner to at least give The X Files a looky see. BINGO . . . upon watching the first episode, he was hooked. We have been watching at least 2 – 4 episodes nightly, and even worse on the weekends. I had created an X-Files monster in him. I am still working on convincing him that we would be very naive in assuming that ‘we’ (earthly dwellers) are the only living beings in the entire universe. Give me a little longer on that one.

My great anticipation at the revival of the series is now in question, as I am wondering if there is actually going to be a ‘series’ again, or if this 6 episode thing is just a flash in the pan so to speak. Are they airing this just to see if the interest is still there? Will the ratings of this ‘miniseries’ determine if the X Files will be revived? If it is a flop in the eyes of devotees such as myself will it simply disappear into the ‘no-man’s land’ of television hasbeens?

Truly I hope it survives the critics and followers reviews as it serves to spark the enduring questions that most people have stored way back in their subconscious . . . . IS THE TRUTH STILL OUT THERE


One scene I found a tad disturbing was where they showed clips of government entities being ‘aware’ of alien presence, and one such clip showed President JFK apparently conversing over the alien anomaly. There have been numerous articles (more conspiracy theories) that JFK was kept in the dark re: such things as Project Bluebook, Roswell, et al. and that is possibly one of the reasons that he was killed (I forget how to spell assassinated) because of his insistence that he be ‘read in’ on such matters ‘or else’. This ultimatum supposedly occurred just days prior to his demise. Oh, to be a fly on the wall back in those days . . .

And, WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH SKINNER’S EYEBROWS??? It just ain’t natural!

BelieveFor those of us whose lives literally revolved around the Friday night episodes of The X Files, and the subsequent movies it is a little hard to wrap my mind around the sudden changing of paddles in the middle of the river for Mulder who is now all of a sudden enamored with the theories of somewhat creepy Ted O’Malley, who provides his own brand of ‘proof’ that Mulder’s search was all a ‘sham’ . . . the aliens aren’t the ‘bad guys’ . . . it is truly a government conspiracy to ‘take over the wold’ using alien technology garnered from the Roswell incident. One big giant hoax that led Mulder and Scully ‘literally by their noses’ through nine seasons of chasing after the truth. ie hard fans may find this a LOT disjointed, and newcomers will probably have an easier time relating to the ‘current’ rational that the ‘government’ will be taking away our weapons ferrying us off to interment camps and annihilating any subversives who attempt to defy them. Heck, that’s nothing new! People that say or do anything that the ‘powers that be’ don’t find beneficial to their cause, or in defiance of their actions suddenly ‘disappear’ and have been doing so for centuries. But I for one am a little less enamored that Chris Carter chose to weave that scenario into the X Files. We will have to see how it all pans out in the forthcoming 5 episodes. Perhaps this will serve as fodder to attract ‘newbies’ (i.e. the newer generation) to go back and begin the entire series from the beginning just to see ‘what if’ . . . or perhaps it will have them all shaking their heads saying WTF . . .

They haven’t watched the tightly knit and often tightly wound relationships between Mulder, Scully and Skinner throughout their formative years only to see it frazzled in this new venue. Hopefully it will come together to a more fruitful and believable scenario, and Mulder will be jolted out of his dull reverie that we as devotees perceive as his fall from his former self due to the demise of his relationship with Scully and their union that produced a child. Lose the now frumpy Mulder and get back on the horse and blaze out into the world as the excited, driven Mulder we all knew and loved. SNAP OUT OF IT MULDER FOR CRAPS SAKE!!!

So far, I am withholding any judgment on one of my favorite shows of all time being revamped. I will faithfully watch the entire six episodes prior to making any calls as to the viability of the ‘new’ X Files. I can only say that I hope the storyline smooths out and Mulder and Scully can reprise their roles to the true satisfaction of their devoted fans of The X Files. And . . . I hope they fix Skinner’s eyebrows . . . it’s VERY distracting!