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On Finicky Dogs


The day after we brought Missy home from the animal shelter, my boyfriend insisted  we take her shopping at the local Petsmart store to purchase the best collar, leash, doggie bowls, and last but not least the VERY BEST dog food. We picked out a nice normal collar, complete with matching leash, a very nice doggy food and water dish, and a safety harness. As we were perusing the ‘food’ aisle, the overly helpful sales person strolled up and engaged my dear man in the benefits of purchasing the brand of dog food that cost NOT BY THE POUND, but by the kibble!!!! As I tried to dissuade him from the enormous cost of said purchase, he plopped the 20 pound bag into Missy’s shopping cart.

“Well, we need to get her some treats too.” He says to the sales gal who was busily calculating her sales commission percentage . . . .

“Oh, well, you need to get your sweet little dog . . . . ” Oh, great, here it comes, I thought . . . another $20 or $30 dollars for XYZ doggy biscuits! She continued her pitch . . . .

” . . . . these!” (she handed him a huge bag of XYZ banana flavored SQUARE biscuits) complete with a disgustingly sweetie pie smile (cha ching . . . more sales commission). I quickly sidled up to his left ear (she was busily spewing more ‘necessary’ purchases into his right one you see) and tried to inform him that the dog would not eat these ‘banana’ flavored biscuits . . .  “she’s a DOG honey, NOT a monkey!” I was promptly shushed as he was now fully enveloped within her ‘buy this for your baby doggy’ spell, and stepped between me and the sales gal, probably to prevent me from letting her know where she could stick the banana flavored snackies.

$275 dollar later, we finally exited the store, and made it home. BF (in order to protect the innocent) merrily filled Missy’s bowl to capacity with the ‘best in the west’ doggy kibble. Missy promptly turned her nose up at it.

“Well, maybe she’s already had her fill at the shelter.” He surmised. “She’ll gobble it down when she’s hungry.” He handed her one of the infamous banana ‘cookies’. She gingerly took it in her mouth, promptly spit it out, then went to get her tennis ball (which we had also purchased . . . but it only cost $1.99 . . . . NOT $25.00).

Two days later, and we still had a full bag of the super duper dog food. Oh, to be honest, she did FINALLY eat a little of it, but she carefully picked out the little round black ‘power pills’ or whatever they were called. They were scattered on the carpet in a random pattern surrounding her dog bowl.

“Well, honey, I don’t think she really likes this stuff.” I ventured, being extra cautious not to throw in any “I told ya so’s” in the tone of my voice.

“She’s not eating the banana biscuits either, is she?” He responded.

“Nope.” I hedged, trying to keep those four little words balancing on the tip of my tongue from jumping out. . . . . ‘I told you so’.

We donated the still almost brand new bag of dog food along with the banana biscuits (minus one) to the local animal shelter.

We tried ABC brand of kibbles n bits . . . . I think she preferred the dill pickle slices she begged from BF much better. Did I mention that upon the adoption of our sweet little dog, we had set STRICT parameters regarding feeding her ‘people’ food? That lasted all of about two hours, as we sat and enjoyed a movie and pizza . . . . and out of the corner of my eye, I see Missy quickly inhaling the piece of sausage that BF had snuck down to her.

I spied something that looked really delicious (for a dog that is) that professed to be ‘tender beef’ in little cellophane packets, but actually looked more like little squiggles of play doh colored to look like beef and cheese. Those didn’t quite go over well either. I have no idea what particular brand of food Missy was receiving at the animal shelter, but I can almost guarantee it was a mish mash of different varieties from donated sources.

The last venture was the culmination of the fourth brand of doggy kibble (those small pieces scattered on the carpet, along with a few still in the bowl, and the FINAL brand that she actually dives into and eats! I think it’s called DEF brand ‘smiley face’ or some such silly name, but who cares what it’s called, she actually LIKES IT!!!!! My big mistake was trying to integrate the latest acquisition into the ‘new’ stuff, which she promptly proceeded to carefully pick out and deposit onto the floor.

I’m just curious as to how many other dog owners have gone through this same scenario with their beloved pets . . . .  the food conundrum, the BF/husband/mate/spouse/wife/family member/friend that insists on ‘sneaking’ tasty morsels of ‘people food’ to your pet, all the while maintaining that that they will never do it again (until the next meal they forget to mention).

I suppose it’s a little like people and caviar . . . not every one has the acquired taste for it. Some prefer the end product (real fish) as opposed to the shimmering little balls in the tiny jar that goes for thousands of dollars per gram. The whole point being that just because something costs ten times much as another brand or product doesn’t necessarily mean that it is what the little black fur ball is going to enjoy.

It’s the old adage . . . bigger is not necessarily bigger. I’m just happy that we have finally come across something that she LIKES!




48th Annual San Diego Central Library Local Author Event

48th Annual San Diego Central Library Local Author Event

I am so excited to participate in the Local Author Event at the San Diego Central Library. This library is a beautiful piece of architectural work, and has just recently been opened this year. It is so heartwarming to have the support of the community, particularly for ‘Indie’ authors. Hopefully this will further open the ‘doors’ for more local bookstores and eventually the national ‘chain’ stores.

Life with a Dragon

From one of my favorite author friends, Patrick O’Scheen

patrick o'scheen

Sometimes it’s a long road to crazy. I find myself objecting to being categorized among the outsiders of humanity. I’m too outspoken, too loud, too free with my opinions…or perhaps my opinions are too unrestrained. Whatever the reason, I am branded with the rest of you as “different.” Yes, we are a group of unusual people.


Now, I have no problem holding my head up and saying I prefer the unique. Life is too short for conformity. There has been only one major repercussion–I have difficulty selling books.

As an artist, I shrug off the discomfort. As someone who needs to eat, life can become interesting without money. I envision myself as an old man standing in a subway tunnel with an open guitar case. I read poetry to the passing masses. The upturned hat–yeah that’s right–it’s for change.
“Can you spare a dime?”

We are all unique in some…

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