…if Authors ain’t allowed to promote themselves, who else is gonna do it?… #TBSU…

Seumas Gallacher

…this ol’ Jurassic has hammered on often enuff on this blog about the need for ‘building the platform’ and using the SOSYAL NETWURKS for authors and other types of writers to get their masterpieces ‘out there’ and known… and like buses and taxis where you get none for ages, then along comes a fleet of them, the Web has been peppered this week with shedloads of commentary on the merits and demerits of self-promotion… for many quill-scrapers, the very thought of doubling as authors/marketing folks causes their laptops to implode… I consider myself an Author… not ‘aspiring’ Author, mind, but fully-fledged, card-carrying, got the T-shirt, Author… but before that I was, and probably still am, a businessman… whether we accept it, appreciate it, acknowledge it, like it or not, writing in the modern age is a business… most successful businesses I know include promotion in their…

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One thought on “…if Authors ain’t allowed to promote themselves, who else is gonna do it?… #TBSU…

  1. Interesting post . . . and I agree authors have to promote themselves. Where I draw the line is hammering my personal friends (and that includes FB friends on my personal timeline) over and over and over again about my book instead of expressing any interest in them or their lives. Those people turn me off and make me not want to buy their book at all. In book sales — as in life — sometimes we have to remember that it’s not always all about us. People who tire of an author’s hard sell become unfollowers, and unfollowers don’t buy books.


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