Obtrusion Book 1 – The Gathering Now Available on Amazon

Obtrusion Book 1 – The Gathering Now Available on Amazon

Have you ever wondered if all the stories you’ve thought were real are just a fantasy told to explain away the ‘real’ truths as to humankind’s existence? Have you ever looked into the clear dark night sky and wondered . . . is there anyone else out there in that vast universe? Have you read or watched programs about the theories of those such as Erik Von Daniken, and thought to yourself . . . WOW, perhaps this man has some valid ideas?

The Obtrusion series will have your mind spinning as you journey along, exploring some of those possibilities, evading ultra top-secret forces, trusting only in those closest to you, running for your life, as you seek to unveil the truth behind the myths and stories you’ve only read about in fantasy novels, that now seem to be coming to fruition.

Are there extraterrestrial beings that have come here in the distant past, and are they here among us now? If so, why are they here? To save us or to destroy what is left of planet Earth? Turn the pages on a new possibility as you enter the world of Obtrusion.

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