Day 13 and 14–18 Days of HELL-O-WEEN Weekend Edition

Thanks to Cover Host!!!

Cover Host

“There was something awesome in the thought of the solitary mortal standing by the open window and summoning in from the gloom outside the spirits of the nether world.”
~ Arthur Conan Doyle

Welcome to Day 13 and 14 of Cover Host’s Hell-O-Ween Chills and Thrills Weekend Edition, featuring authors from the Horror genre of Authorsdb! Browse the covers of these indie horror books.


Click the covers for blurb/”Buy” link

91ro-3-xnDL._SL1500_     819IOiomkqL._SL1500_

610gKenx+LL._SL1500_     91SmnYxpRWL._SL1500_     81HPilt2QSL._SL1500_

 71ZdizIXZ4L._SL1431_     91hDebjaDeL._SL1500_     71Vt9PveLTL._SL1500_     81nOwW9yRbL._SL1500_


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