Book Promo Day: 3rd October, 2013

CURSE OF THE SALUTE – one of the featured books on Steve K. Smy’s Imagineering site! Thank you Steve /|\


As I stated last week, due to the Tsunami response to my post on 24th, I have had to limit the number of books to six, but if you’ve made a submission and yours is not in this article, DON’T PANIC, it just means that it will appear NEXT Thursday 10th October or on a Thursday thereafter.

In fact, ALL the October slots have now been filled and the first November slot started, so please give me at least 3 weeks to recover before sending in any more book Promo applications (Chris)

This weeks SIX (6) great entrants are as follows:

The Fencing Master’s Daughter by Giselle Marks


Regency Romance– Edward, Earl of Chalcombe, walking home, is attacked by footpads. He attempts to defend himself but is bludgeoned to the ground. Death seems inevitable when a fat ugly man carrying a stick and a beautiful slender young lady appeared…

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