UNSEALED Obviously I’m not the only one who has strange ideas . . .

It’s 12:47 a.m. on Saturday night, September 22, 2013, and as I sit here in awe and amazement, watching a supposedly never televised (at least not on national television) show entitled “Unsealed: Alien Files” . . . I am amazed at the SIMILARITIES in my novel “Obtrusion” and my previously posted video trailer for said novel!!!!!

Facts: I created and posted my video trailer for my novel back in early July of 2013, and published it to Youtube as ‘pre-publicity’ for my novel “Obtrusion” – a 3 book series revolving around aliens and other theories that I have personal thoughts on . . .

Here is the excerpt I pulled from the internet:

Posted by: Jason McClellan August 22, 2013  4308 Views


On August 7, 2013, Bellum Entertainment announced that its show Unsealed: Alien Files has been picked up by Discovery Communications.


This show, and a companion show, Unsealed: Conspiracy Files, premiered in September 2012.  These shows were syndicated nationally in the United States by Tribune Broadcasting, but weren’t on a single network, which made it difficult for interested viewers to find the shows.  But that issue should be eliminated now that Discovery has added Unsealed: Alien Files to its Destination America channel.

Episodes of the show reportedly premiered on Destination America on Thursday, August 8.  Bellum Entertainment explains, “Unsealed has already experienced great success in syndication and internationally through the first season and expecting to perform well on cable.”  The company announced that the show’s second season will premiere on September 16 “with a full hour of Alien Files.”  The aggressive broadcast schedule indicates that the show will air weekly, with two back-to-back half-hour episodes every week, for a total of forty new episodes.


The website for Unsealed: Alien Files provides this description of the series::

Unsealed: Alien Files investigates recently released documents regarding alien and UFO encounters, made accessible to the public in 2011 by the Freedom of Information Act. Each week, Unsealed: Alien Files tackles one compelling alien case by opening these previously off-limits secret files. Based on the newly discovered information the show re-examines key evidence and follows developing leads.

Unsealed: Alien Files investigates mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups and breaking alien news from around the world. We delve into the “photoshopping” of space, the value of Wikileaks, and the role social media plays in alien stories. Finally, we examine these newly released documents to see how alien visitations may have affected our past, and what influence they may have on our future. This show will have believers wanting more and skeptics questioning their long held beliefs. Unsealed: Alien Files … exposing the biggest secret on planet Earth.


CALL ME PARANOID . . . or just call me psychic, whatever you want to label it, but to me it is baffling that some of the stuff that I THOUGHT I was creating out of my own vivid imagination is actually being touted as realistic possibility on national television (albeit in the middle of the night when most ‘normal’ people are sound asleep, safely tucked away in their beds) . . . .  YES, I’ve done research on the internet regarding certain aspects I have chosen to include in my ‘fictional’ novel, as well as certain real life experiences (those of which shall remain unspecific – you, the reader will have to decide for yourself what is gleaned from real experience, and that which is purely fiction . . . . or IS IT FICTION?????)


It appears that there is a sudden resurgence in the ‘alien phenomenon’ . . . I found a video trailer for this show posted on youtube, way back in July of 2012. I just stumbled onto the actual two half-hour shows tonight as I was channel surfing while taking a break from writing.



So, with that thought in mind, I’m thinking . . . “Hey! Maybe my theories in “Obtrusion” aren’t as far off base as some might think. You, dear readers will be able to tell for yourself, as release date is drawing near . . . NINE more days and “Obtrusion – Book 1 The Gathering” will be in publication. I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. I think it will be if nothing else but entertaining, perhaps an eye opening experience.



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