“I found it!”

Just when you thought you were doing good! 🙂


Whenever you are in a new place, you try to acclimatize yourself, discover new people and learn their traditions, choose your words carefully and more importantly, know the terrain and everything in the vicinity. That said, you can have be assured of a smooth assimilation.

All the information I needed back then was stored in my head. I was more aware of the dangers of wild animals than meeting bad people along the way.

There was one anecdote I could not forget. It was very amusing but also very educational.

A newly-arrived man from the Visayas tried his best to please his relatives who permitted him to stay in their land. He was very polite and industrious. Naturally, he became an asset in his relatives’ endeavors such as farming and fishing.

One night, there was a full moon. He came home late from the seashore, digging for shells to serve…

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