The Finest Art!

The Finest Art!

I have had the pleasure of being the recipient of a beautiful piece of artwork from a fine artist and friend, Harold A. Bascom, a fantastic artist.

We became acquainted through LinkedIn, and it all started out with him reading my novel “Curse of The Salute”, and giving me, I might add, a wonderful 5 star review.

His review was not only honest and heartwarming, it was a wonderful recommendation of my work, and in thanking him personally, and having conversations with him, I found him to be an extraordinary gentleman, and also an extremely talented artist. I too, am an artist, and can truly appreciate the hard work and forethought he has put into his wonderful artwork. He pours his heart and soul into every piece that he produces, and it shows.

I invite you to click on this picture, and take a stroll through his gallery, and if you are of a mind to have some iconic paintings adorn your walls, please do choose one of his delightful works . . . they are all symbolic of his ideals and passion. If nothing else, let him know that his works are extraordinary, and I’m sure he will be greatly appreciative.

I know that I am sincerely honored to have one of his beautiful masterpieces displayed in my home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Harold. You are truly a fine artist!

Visit Harold’s gallery at:

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