Review of Dreamer on Goodreads

<a href="Dreamer (Book 1 the Chronicles of Marithe)Dreamer by Patrick O’Scheen
” title=”Review of Dreamer on Goodreads”>Review of Dreamer on Goodreads

Patrick O’Scheen is an outstanding author. His novel Dreamer is a fantastic journey between two worlds with Magic, an invalid in the real world, and his friend Scheen, who is not only his friend, but benefactor.

Together, they enter the gaming world where Magic’s illness is nonexistent, and he and Scheen embark on a series of exciting adventures in a land of kings, dragons, and fantastic beings. Patrick does such an excellent job of drawing the reader into the lives of his characters, that you will have a difficult time putting this book down, until you arrive at the last page . . . hungering for more. You will get it when the next installment “Seer” comes out, and you will not be disappointed! BUY and read both!

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